Casino Floor Roulette Review
Authentic Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Casino Floor Roulette with LIVE Dealer Casino Floor Roulette with LIVE Dealer

It is no secret that Authentic Gaming’s strongest suit is the fact that the developer streams its LIVE Dealer games from real, land-based casinos. But, what makes this Casino Floor LIVE Roulette version even more special than the other versions is that it is streamed from a land-based casino’s VIP quarters and available to online players only.

You can feel the real LIVE casino experience since in the background you can see other players placing chips behind the see-through curtain and you can hear the noise and ambience of a real land-based casino. You can notice how realistic the experience feels, and this is a major plus for all those players that have never been to a land-based casino but want to experience the atmosphere.

Casino Floor LIVE Roulette Features

Considering it is streamed from a VIP casino area and only available to online players, Casino Floor LIVE Roulette gives you the advantage of fast rounds. The betting time takes no longer than 30 seconds, and you finish the whole round in 50 to 55 seconds. This is an essential difference to other tables that take up to 5 minutes when they are busy. Here, you have 7 dedicated dealers that make sure the rounds take not more of your time than the necessary to complete a round.

The table was initially open from 12:00 pm until 02:00 am, but now, it is open 24/7. You have the same playing interface as in all other LIVE-streamed roulette versions. The features are pretty standard, consisting on Favourite Bets, Bets, Bets on Stats, Auto Spins and so on. On the left, you will see the Limits, the minimum and maximum bet levels, as well as the payout rate for the bets. To place a bet, all you need to do is click on the available chips and drag them to the bet field you want to bet on. There’s also a screen display on the left, showing you the winning numbers.


Casino Floor LIVE Roulette is streamed from the VIP area of Hilton Casino International in Georgia. You get excellent visuals since there are 5 HD-quality cameras that stream the roulette action. You get a clear view of the wheel since the cameras have been configured to zoom in from different angles, giving you a very immersive feel.

The dealers, specifically trained for this roulette version, are super-friendly but not too talkative, as to not be intimidating or intrusive.

As far as device compatibility goes, the game loads exceptionally fast and performs well on all desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. Once you load it, you can choose from different viewing modes, Multi-Camera or Classic, and later switch during the game.


As in most LIVE Casino games, Casino Floor LIVE Roulette at different casinos has different maximum and minimum bet limits. But the average bets go from $0.50 to $250. On even money bets, the maximum can go up to $5,000, though.


When we first came across Casino Floor LIVE Roulette, we thought: how could it be different than all other Authentic Gaming’s games? However, we came to understand that the point was in the experience. If you’re up for the most realistic, closest to real land-based casino gambling experience, then you must try it out. You’ll hear the background noise, you’ll see real land-based casino players behind the see-through curtains and you’ll get the authenticity you need. The video quality, the user-friendly, mobile-optimized interface and the overall impact of the LIVE-streamed action make this game really worth trying, so we warmly recommend you to get a taste of it, the soonest you can.