LIVE Dealer European Roulette Extreme Live Gaming Review

Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer European Roulette Table Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer European Roulette Gameplay

LIVE European Roulette from Extreme LIVE Gaming is the type of game everyone looks for. The LIVE feed provides detailed information about the game, multiple statistical windows are available, and users have the ability to set up the game to suit their needs. Players will find a virtual betting table that appears in 3D from an angle. All the numbers are easy to see and are shown with big blocks to make betting options much easier. Players can take advantage of all betting options that the normal game provides, which includes outside bets such as colors, odds, and evens, first, second, and last 12’s as well as first and final 18. A racetrack with additional number groups can also be used to achieve the winnings you want. An additional side bet with the racetrack can reward up to 80;1.

The developer has designed the game to use a wide selection of virtual backgrounds. This means the game always has a fresh look to welcome players. The dealers are also friendly and provide a welcome upon entrance for the table. All bet values and game settings appear at the bottom of the screen where the video feed quality, sound volume, and many other options can be adjusted.

European Roulette Extreme LIVE Gaming Layout

Extreme LIVE Gaming provides a different setup to standard LIVE Roulette regarding the layout and wheel. The wheel is detached from the table and appears behind it with the dealer. As mentioned, a virtual table is used, which shows the numbers in the same order as regular tables, but also has the racetrack to the right that appears as a square. The dealer appears in the center of the screen with game statistic windows on either side. These stats will provide various information about the last 100 spins, which gives players detailed information about the game and where best are most likely to offer rewards.

On the left, the wheel appears with the most common numbers. Here players will be able to see how often certain number appear with red markings. The info can also be changed to a graph, which is all up to the player and their preferences. On the right, more info about the game is shown. This will show the game history and the last winning numbers along with the chat option.

Players will be able to use the chat option to communicate with other players at the table. Since the LIVE Roulette is available in various jurisdictions, you will be able to chat with players from around the world. The chat is also linked to the dealer, meaning players will be able to talk to them and find out more about the game.

All bet options appear just below the table. Here chip values appear in various colors and represent different values. Massive table limits can be expected, which provides a gaming experience for all players. To the left of these chips, game information will be available. These include options such as game guides, and video settings, and other menus. The standard settings for the game appear to the right of the chip values, game settings will be available, which includes sound, rebet, camera settings, or adjusting the screen.