American Martingale

The American Martingale is a linear progression where the stake is raised only by one unit (chip) after a lost bet. That makes it impossible to compensate fully for your losses after having raised your stake twice. You can only expect a profit if the game series is shorter than a 1000 games and if there is no series of losses over more than 10 bets.

Table for the American Martingale

Bets are on Black

Black Red Stake Balance
X   10 20
  X 10 10
  X 20 -10
  X 30 -40
X   40 0
X   10 10
X   10 20
  X 10 10
X   20 30

The American Martingale should be seen as a variant of the Martingale which is less useful, but which can be used in combination with other roulette game systems.