Magic Wheel Roulette System

The Magic Wheel is very simple. In essence, you are trying to cover the LIVE roulette wheel by spreading your bets so that there is on the average only three spaces between your numbers.

At the same time, you've only used FIVE chips to cover these TEN Numbers.

It is done by placing ONE Chip on the 6-Number Combination 31-36 and ONE Chip on the numbers 11, 12, 27 and 28. You will either lose five chips at a time or win 1 to 31 chips. If you hit the 6-NUmber Combination, you win 5, lose 4, and net 1. If you hit one of the single numbers, you win 35, lose 4 net 31.

Just remember to replace your bets after each spin also you don't have to use this particular Magic Wheel, you can make your own. Any 6-Number Combination you choose add the four individual numbers spread between them. You may also try any 6-Number Combination of a PIVOT Number and any other 4 Numbers that have also repeated and qualified to be PIVOT Number.