LIVE Dealer Roulette GGL Review

GGL LIVE Dealer Roulette Table GGL LIVE Dealer Roulette Gameplay

Players will be able to enjoy a standard Roulette game that has been created by Global Gaming Labs. The game provides a LIVE dealer that can be seen along with the table and betting options as high-quality video feeds are streamed from their studios. Players will find the conventional form of European Roulette is used, which features a single zero and diversified betting options that could result in winnings up to 35:1. The interface includes all the essential information that allows users to take full advantage of game history, settings, and an extensive selection of wager values.

The developer has ensured users experience a professional Roulette game that offers everything a land-based casino has to offer and more, which can be enjoyed on PC with instant play. The selected dealers are professional and provide the game in a way that experts and beginners will be able to appreciate.

How to Play GGL LIVE Dealer Roulette

LIVE Roulette is one of the easiest games to understand while also being one of the most rewarding with a payout rate well over 95%. Since a LIVE dealer is used, the game ensures that accurate and fair results are presented with each spin.

At the beginning of each round, you need to select a chip value that is displayed at the bottom of your screen. These values allow all players to wager as table limits start from a low $5.00 up to $100.00. Once a value has been selected, use your mouse pointer to select various places on the table, which appears on the real table, making it easier for players to bet. Once your mouse pointer hovers over a number or bet, it will highlight the figures that are covered by that wager. This means outside bets and line bets will be easy to wager on as players can see all the covered numbers.

Once bets have been placed, wait for the dealer to set the ball in motion, which only takes a few seconds. A clear view of the table will appear next to the dealer where players can clearly see where the ball has landed. The game will then displayed the winning number and reward instantly. After rewards have been granted, the next betting window will open and new bets can be placed or players can use the rebet option in the bottom right-hand corner.


Global Gaming Labs have created a LIVE dealer environment that all Roulette fans can appreciate. The betting interface is easy to use and provide a massive range of play options and settings. The game will display the remaining time frame before bets are closed. To the far left, account information is shown along with current bet values and the game ID.

A window will be displayed that can be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen to provide particularised information about hot and cold numbers, and many other stats. The game history can be seen in the bottom right-hand corner with a board that has been attached to the table.