17 Split Method

bankroll: 17 chips

target: 1 - 2 chips

method: hit and run (Roulette casinos hate this method very much)

this Roulette system is very simple...

rules for selection:

  • go to a table and watch for a little while and see what numbers are hitting and which numbers are “sleeping” (not hitting)...
  • once you establish which numbers are and which numbers are not hitting, you will start playing... (i recommend about 20-30 spins...)

how you place your bets...

  • you will find which 2 numbers are not hitting the most (not including the zero)
  • once you find out what 2 numbers you are not going to play, you cover the board with 17 chips on the splits and then you play for 2 spins, after you are done, you leave the casino or goto another table and start all over...

why the LIVE casinos hates this method...

first of all it is a very quick HIT AND RUN TATIC that can take A LOT OF MONEY FROM THE CASINO VERY QUICKLY.... secondly, you cover just about the whole board, so by doing this, you have a very good chance of winning very big very quickly...

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