Ludomeccanica Roulette System


The historiography of the LIVE Roulette contemplates lots of anecdotal. Some of these are:

  1. The factorial total one of the Roulette makes... 666 (In fact, 37*36/2)=666 , and everyone knows who’s the owner of such number.
  2. It’s narrated that from the back of the saio of the Jesuit father who for the first time introduced the “infernal machine” got out one ... tail!
  3. Why - if it is true that is impossible to beat the roulette, is well known that exist one "rule" - unquestionable! - which with the managers are able to remove eventual "disliked" gamblers?

The main target in my research, during the last years, was to understand which was the criteria that with which the Jesuits placed the numbers in the roulette wheel.

At last I found a wheel distribution that eliminate the negative refuse.

Using this distribution I applied the statistics “law of the third” and found a system for 9-13 numbers.

I tested this system on thousands of spins, and I won ALL the games within the 11th spins (also if the mathematics delay of the system is calculated to be of 13th spins).


First you have to annotate on the special table:

24 spins for American Roulette or 18 Spins for French Roulette.

Ludomeccanica Roulette System - Illustration 1

Then you have to cancel, all the numbers that will be drawn. Well, for effect of the Law of the Third, in the "Diagram of the Medium Refuse", after 24 spins, on average, only 17.83 numbers will be drawn. Well of these 18 numbers theoretically 9 would have to be present in the first line and the remaining 9 in the other one.

Bur, for the effect of the so-called the Gaussian deviation, this fair distribution very rarely will happen and therefore one of the two lines will nearly mark more and more sorties of the other one.

  1. You have to identify the line where you have cancelled less numbers.
  2. You have to bet on the numbers not cancelled in this line.

The method of betting

These are the conditions for betting the system:

  1. Identify a line with less numbers cancelled than the other one
  2. This line must to have from 5 up to 10 numbers cancelled.

You can also play double game.

Note: you can play also if the numbers cancelled are 9 but only in double game and only in the French Roulette.

Usually you will find a difference of at least 2 numbers between the two lines.

For example:

  • Line A 9 numbers cancelled Line B 11 numbers: the good line is the A
  • Line A 8 numbers cancelled Line B 12 numbers: the good line is the A
  • Line A 6 numbers cancelled Line B 8 numbers: the good line is the A
  • Line A 4 numbers cancelled Line B 8 numbers: no good lines (to few numbers cancelled in the good lines)
  • Line A 10 numbers cancelled Line B 12 numbers: no good lines (to many numbers cancelled in the good lines)

Kind of attack

With this system I use a little progression, the progression depends from the number of the numbers that I will bet.

This is the theory table for the progression:

In all my tests during the last years I never arrived at 12th spins, just one time I arrived at the 11th spins (betting 6 numbers).

On average the system win at the 2,6 spins, so you can win and beat the roulette without using a progression bet.

The bank roll would be of 80 units for a flat bet, and 1000 or more units for a progression bet.

Ludomeccanica Roulette System - Illustration 2

In the first column we can read the numbers of units to bet (1,1,1,1,2,2,3…) and in the second column the relative numbers of units won (30,24,18,12 …)

Table of game

Ludomeccanica Roulette System - Illustration 3

Example 1:

18, 9, 21, 35, 00, 2, 20, 16, 33, 11, 10, 35, 28, 33, 10, 32, 29, 33, 31, 2, 30, 24, 20, 7,

Ludomeccanica Roulette System - Illustration 4

The Line A has 9 numbers cancelled, the line B 8 numbers.

You Must bet on the remaining 10 numbers in the Line B (3,6,8,12,13,22,23,26,27,36)

You will bet using this progression

Ludomeccanica Roulette System - Illustration 5

Example 2:

12, 8, 15, 22, 12, 00, 10, 26, 8, 16, 00, 26, 29, 7, 26, 12, 28, 9, 24, 17, 5, 26, 26, 0

Ludomeccanica Roulette System - Illustration 6

Line A 6 numbers cancelled, Line B 8 numbers, the good line is the Line A

You will bet on 1,2,4,14,19,20,21,25,31,32,33,34 (12 numbers).

You will bet using this progression

Ludomeccanica Roulette System - Illustration 7

Example 3:

34, 31, 11, 34, 28, 29, 30, 32, 2, 21, 36, 28, 1, 34, 5, 24, 13, 20,12, 0, 1, 27, 36, 35,

Ludomeccanica Roulette System - Illustration 8

Line A 9 numbers cancelled, Line B 9 numbers, impossible to bet! (Very rare).

Last advice

The most difficult thing while playing a system, is to follow it correctly.

In a real LIVE Dealer casino, the environment and adrenalin, all make it very hard to avoid errors while recording the spins.

Do not bet following your instinct; use the system you have!

Always use the same system in a day; do not change or switch it with other systems.

Also if you lose 2 or 3 games consecutively do not change the method, it is only a statistical negative event and you will win more in the following games.

Never use progression while betting. ALWAYS use the same bet from the beginning of the day until the end.

Remember that roulette is easy to beat, but it is very hard to beat your impatience!

If you follow this advice, winning will be only a formality.

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