African Roulette System

  1. Pick one number to bet on and bet it until it hits Even though testing show you can close your eyes and pick one - the success rate increases greatly when you record the last 15 or so hits and pick a number that has repeated in that time. When your number hits, if it is well into the progression, (55 spins or more). I recommend that you select a new repeating number from the last 15 spins. Anytime a number hits and you have decided to change numbers, stay on the number that just hit for 5 more spins! Many times that number will repeat in that time! (I’m a FIRM believer in the biased wheel theory. That’s why I recommend the recording of the numbers that have hit in the past 15 spins.)
  2. Bet the number of units as shown in the following progression table. (I use $1 units because many of the tables have a $2 inside bet min. limit.) So my table was set up for this min. limit requirement.
  • bet 2 units for 27 spins
  • bet 10 units for 3 spins
  • bet 3 units for 10 spins
  • bet 11 units for 3 spins
  • bet 4 units for 8 spins
  • bet 12 units for 3 spins
  • bet 5 units for 6 spins
  • bet 13 units for 3 spins
  • bet 6 units for 6 spins
  • bet 14 units for 2 spins
  • bet 7 units for 4 spins
  • bet 15 units for 3 spins
  • bet 8 units for 4 spins
  • bet 16 units for 2 spins
  • bet 9 units for 4 spins

This progression table does two things:

  • limits your losses to 505 units, (however, my tests have shown that it is very rare that a number needs more than 200 units to hit. So, I would recommend setting your loss limit at 200 units.)
  • allows you to win a minimum of 35 units per hour by recovering all past losses plus enough to meet the 35 unit per hour goal. (My actual results have been in the $123 per hour area!) This table was based on the assumption of one spin per minute.
  1. When your number hits, decide if you want to change numbers & start the progression all over again.

As you can see, it is a pretty simple system that combines the biased wheel theory and a progression roulette betting system. The only difference is that I’ve developed a progression that will result in winnings of at least 35 units per hour and allows a person to pick their own loss limit!