Bobby Waves System

Basically I bet 5 numbers straight up that are located next door to each other on the wheel. Usually 7,11,17,20 &32. I then use a progressive betting scheme starting with $1 per number on a $5 minimum table & $2 per number on a $10 minimum table.

I even implement $2.50 chips on approx the 8th spin. I had to get the pit bosses approval. I figured out all the math so that when one of my 5 numbers hit, I make a modest gain. Average gain on a hit being around $15. After a hit, I start the system from the beginning.

I have 40 spins for 1 of my 5 numbers to come out. This turns the odds almost 5x in my favor since I have 13% of the wheel & I need only 1 of my 5 numbers to hit in 40 spins. I play the Trump Taj & the Trump Marina since they are the only 2 casinos that offer a $200 maximum straight up number bet. All other casinos offer $100 max. The xtra $100 max gets me 5 xtra spins.

This system is not for the weak hearted. It takes money management, discipline & bankroll ($7,200). You need money to make money. Having the backup of a big bankroll allows you to turn the odds in your favor. This is all I have time for now.