First 16 Roulette System

  1. Start a session by recording the nos of the 1st 16 spins on a card pre-written with #s from 0-36
  2. You will probably find that there are then just 2 or 3 lines which have not come up - or maybe a street
  3. If this is not the case then track 1 or 2 more spins and then see what lines or streets are left
  4. When you consider it appropriate, select a line or street as the case may be to commence betting. Past experience with LIVE Dealer roulette spins (not using casino software) is that a win is very likely to be recorded within 5 more spins. Thus a progression method up to 5 is needed and this has to be within the player's bankroll capacity if all is lost, tailored to be within the casino limits, produce a return which suits the player and be commensurate with the progressive outlay.