Internet Ultimate Roulette System

Roulette is the best game to play on the Internet using our Ultimate System.

Find a casino that lets you spin the wheel without placing a bet.

The difference between LIVE and Internet casinos is the betting range, usually $5 to $100. This means you have to wait for a minimum of six events in a row before betting. Here are the rules:

  • Download the Internet casino software and install it on your computer. Play in “practice mode” to learn our system.
  • You won't be betting every spin. Keep spinning the wheel until you see 6 red or blacks in a row, 6 even or odds in a row, or 6 1-18's or 19-36's in a row.
  • Before the NEXT spin place $5 on the OPPOSITE pair. For example, if you see 6 blacks in a row place $5 on RED. If you lose that bet, place $10 on RED. If you lose that bet, place $20 on RED. If you lose that bet place $40 on RED.
  • When you win, stop betting and wait for your next betting opportunity. Your goal is to win just 1 bet in a series of 10 spins. You only bet when you have the highest probability of winning!
  • Don't be greedy! Stop playing when you win $25. Log off the casino and play again later. We recommend one to four sessions daily.

About The Playing Charts

The first line is the number of spins in a row of one side (red/black; even/odd; high/low)

The second line is “wait.” This means you count the number of outside events in a row. (Example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 reds in a row, then BET).

The third line is “bet.” This is the dollar amount you bet on that spin. Zero means you don't bet anything on that spin.

The fourth line is “bank” and “win.” This is your bankroll and the amount you win at each step in the progression.

The last line is the probability of losses in a row.

The Live Chart gives you two bankrolls to choose from, $285 or $600. If you play with $285 you must wait for 6 events in a row, instead of 5 like the $600 bankroll.

Cut the Live Chart out and take it to the casinos with you.

Cut the Internet Chart out and tape it to your monitor as you play.

Ultimare Internet Roulette System

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