Joes Roulette System

I should post how I am playing roulette, totally slipped my mind...

What I do is I flat bet until a win... once I achieve a win, then I bet the amount I have lost up to that point, if I lose that, then I add it to the line and then start to progress again.


L-L-L-L-W-L-L-L-W-W-W -1-2-3-4-3 (play 3) lose -3 -3 now the first minus 3 is still goign up and down

with flat bets... -4-5-6-5 bet -5 win, -3 is left in the line and is cancelled out in the next win.

It is totally based on winning streaks. You could hit a long losing streak and make it all back in just a 2-win run. The problem is when a person hits W-L-W-LW-L, this just drives the bets up and up. But, combined with a good bet selection, I believe a player could do very well.

A good way to choose bets is to list out all 3 even money bets and chart what is happening with them. Keep track by numbers of how many times each has come up, and you can also see the trends. Also keep track of ZZ and LL (switches and streaks)


Red/black          ZZ/LL


1                          1

2                          2

3                          1

4                          2

2                          3

As you can see, the numbers keep track of what is going on with the bets and tell you info about the table. Bet when you see a trend going among the even money bets such as lots of streaks or zig zags, that is a time to play them until you hit 2-3 losses that are in W-L-W-L form, then you wait for another


I hope that in the month I test that I can stay under 400 units down draw and make bets no bigger than 40 units, then I might have something to modify with.

Also, for the most part, 2 things almost always happen within the three even money bets. One or two of them will continue to streak while also one or two of them will continue to switch each spin, you can also keep track of this easily through the ZZ and LL.

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