Lightning Strike

"Roulette is the oldest of casino games, and yet most players are losers."

The laws of probability state that over a large number of spins, all 37 or 38 numbers on the wheel will appear approximately the same number of times; however, in the short term, or to be more exact, within a Roulette cycle 37/38 spins, an average of 12 to 14 numbers will not appear at all.

What this suggests is that certain numbers will have repeated. "If a number occurs more than twice within 37/38 spins, it will usually continue to do so."


The first thing you need to do when you approach a roulette table is record every spin for about 20 spins before your game begins. Record every number on your casino scorecard. Never rely on the marquee to record your numbers with. They are not reliable.

As soon as any given number repeats a minimum of three times, we will then commence our very first bet on that number. You can easily determine when this has occurred by continuously looking upwards on your scorecard under the color that has just and most recently appeared - you must do this after each and every roulette spin you record. We will only select and bet on a minimum of one number and no more than five numbers. There will be times when you will only be betting on one or two or even three numbers at first - this is perfectly normal, keep in mind though that you must be constantly tracking for fresh numbers that have had a minimum of 3 hits, but never more than 5 numbers.


Once you have decided which table you will be playing at, you will purchase 65 units in the denomination you wish to use. Keep in mind though that your overall required bankroll is 300, allowing for losing sessions.


You must STOP play as soon as you have had your very FIRST hit, or as soon as you have used up all of you 65 units, meaning you would have lost that particular session. I suggest you start off with $5 units and build your playing capital up slowly. That way you will be using the casino's money, and if you lose, you will only have lost a small amount of your own money.


As soon as you have achieved your very first +300 units profit, you must add that to your starting bankroll of +300, allowing for a total of +600 LIFE bankroll. "Always play it safe."


  • Should you wish to play consecutive sessions, please follow these guidelines:
  • Take a rest at least 15 minutes in between sessions
  • Change table and re-track
  • Never consume alcohol whilst playing
  • Get a good night's sleep the night before
  • Have a decent breakfast
  • Avoid player conversation - you need to concentrate
  • There is no room for human error when tracking
  • Treat your gaming as a real business - keep records of profit/loss
  • Never play a number on a hunch.

Be disciplined and follow the rules Initially, I would recommend you play and practice at home with a roulette simulator or 'paper bets' using actual LIVE casino numbers. Always try to play at a busier table day or night, that way you won't stress whilst tracking.

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