Roulette Buster System

This one that might be even better than the first, it hasn't been fully tested. But what I've seen so far when using it is Amazing! I've already won over $2,000 with it. It takes more patience but seems safe and solid.

First, you will need a Roulette score card and of course a pen or pencil. You do not need to write down the numbers, just where on the table the dealer places the marker.

The table is divided into 1/3 1-12, 13-24 & 25-36. There are also the other thirds of the wheel you can play; the left 1/3, middle and the right 1/3.

Let’s say the ball lands on number 5. I mark on my score card M1. Meaning the middle of the grid, and the top 1/3.

16 is L2, 33 is R3 etc.

You will be looking for the ball missing a 1/3 section of the wheel for 6 spins. At that time, you place 1 unit on that third of the wheel. If you win, you take your three chips off the table and wait for the next time a 1/3 of the wheel has missed 6 times. If you lose, keep betting in this order: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 chips etc.

1 you net 2 if a loss -1

2 you net 3 if a loss -3

3 you net 3 if a loss -6

4 you net 2 if a loss -10

5 you net 0 if a loss -15

8 you net 1 if a loss –24

I take a bank roll of $200 to the casino and play with $5 chips. I have hit 1. bad run in which it drove me to 11 unit bet and lost my wad. But all other times I rarely hit 5 misses in a row. I bring home around $250 a day, that is spending about 3 hours in the casino.

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Bonus: 100% up to €100 Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - €5,000
Bonus: 100% up to €100 Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - €5,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - €5,000
Bonus: 200% to €1,000 Wager: (B+D)*350 Bet Range: $1 - $1,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.20 - 5,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - €5,000

Special note: There is no guarantee to the amount of money you will win or lose. All casino games are entertaining games of pure chance and luck. cannot be held responsible for persons having a lot of bad luck or taking risky chances.