SCARY Roulette System

I actually played this in a brick and mortar casino for enough spins to generate around $1100.00. My total amount of spins played including losing and winning was 44.

I finally gave up a winner, this was getting to be too much excitement for me. Translation: Afraid to lose the gains.

These spins were played in a period of about a month at a rate of one or two nights a week.

I would go home winning $100.00 or more, best night was if I remember correctly was $225.00 I have to admit I was nervous a lot… every time the system… went to the 4th progression, and it did this, once or twice a night.

So yes, I quit a winner, the casino’s odds had not caught up with me yet.

For the purpose of having fun in this contest here it is.

I bet on the dozens only.

I would watch 4 to 6 tables simultaneously and wait for a dozen that shows up 5 times in a row and then I bet on the other 2 dozen for a 4-step progression.

The progression was:

  • 1 unit
  • 3 units
  • 10 units
  • 30 units
  • A win on the first step is: 1-unit profit
  • A win on the second step is: 1-unit profit
  • A win on the third step is: 2 unit’s profit
  • A win on the forth step is: 2 unit’s profit

Fortunately I was lucky and never lost the 4th step, I was using $25.00 units as this is the minimum at this LIVE Dealer casino, most of the time I won on the first or second step, but sometimes it would get too exciting and go to the third or fourth step, even though I never lost the forth step, it got too exciting for my blood as I stood to lose $2,200.00 if I lost all 4 steps.

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