The Jim Fox System For Roulette

#1 roulette strategies were devised by studying several “expert” strategies and modifying them just a little to get the best possible odds for success.

By success, I mean WIN - and WIN BIG! After practicing and applying my strategy on my home computer roulette gam (and winning every single time) I put it to the real test - a casino. Using Strategy #1, I started with $100, bet $1 chips, and after 2 ½ hours, had doubled my money. Then I tried it with $500 and used $5 chips. I again doubled my money in 2 ½ hours. That’s $600 profit in 5 hours! I wish now, I had done it with $500 the first time too. I’ve been using these strategies since the summer of ‘96 and my results have been great. My win ratio on strategy #1 is almost 95% and on strategy # 2 it is about 90%. Just remember my guidelines on ”greediness” and you’ll do great!

So, you may be wondering why I would tell you my secret. Well, hey; it’s not going to stop me from winning! It will probably only keep the casinos from making so much - so why not spread it around? Good luck.


Follow these steps exactly and you WILL win money.

Examples will follow the instructions.

  • Only bet on RED or BLACK and ODD and EVEN. That means pick a color and only bet that color THE ENTIRE TIME; NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. Betting on odd or even will change depending on what happens (more details later). Forget betting on numbers and everything else.
  • On your first bet, put 1 chip on your color and 1 chip on even or odd your choice.
  • Always bet on the opposite of what came up last time on odd or even.
  • If you win the whole be (color right and odd or even right) take your winnings and start over with your original bet of 1 chip each.
  • If you win half the bet (color right, odd or even wrong - or vice versa) play with the winnings the dealer gives you and what’s left on the table (your still even). Put half on your color and half on the opposite of what just came up on odd or even.
  • If you lose the whole bet (lost all your chips) bet double on the next spin (remember to do the opposite on odd or even, so you would be betting the same thing you did before).

That’s all there is to it! Now, here are a few examples.



$1 Red                $1 Even Red      27

$1 on red

($2 left on table)

$1 Red $1 Even Black 14

$1 on even

($2 on the table)

$1 Red $1 Odd 0 (hate that)


$2 Red $2 Odd Red 21


($8 on the table)

$1 Red $1 Even Black 11


$2 Red $2 Even Black 31


$4 Red $4 Even Red 36


($16 on the table)

$1 Red $1 Odd Red 19


($4 on the table)

You get the idea. If you had started this with $100 and played $1 chips like I do, in just these 8 spins, you would have won $16. If you started with $5 chips, you would have won $80. It may be slow sometime s, but it works to your favor (as long as you stick to the system).


This second system is VERY simple. The way it works;

you win one chip for every spin of the wheel (whether it be $1, $5, $25 or $100- doesn’t matter) you just have to have enough money to have enough chips to double up plus one when you lose. All you do is pick a color, red or black to start on. Place on chip on that color. Alternate back and forth between red and black on each spin. When you win, take your winnings and start over with 1 chip.

When you lose, double up plus one on your next bet. That means if you lose on 1 chip, your next bet is 3 chips. All you have to do is remember these numbers: 1, 3, 7, 15, 31. I rarely go 31 unless I am way ahead (and never with $100 chips - I’m too chicken). This means you will need $57 to play with $1 chips, $285 to play with $5 chips, $1425 to play with $25 chips and $5700 to play with $100 chips. You will rarely get to 15 (hopefully) before you win. If I am just getting started and I get to 15, I figure I started on the wrong color and I will start over with 1 chip and work my way back up.

The good thing about this system is that it is easy and it works - and you make 1 chip for every spin of the wheel. When a 0 or 00 is hit, it is up to you what to do. Sometimes I stick with the alternating just like any other loss and sometimes I stay on what I was on. Just remember to bet red, black, red, black whether you win or lose. And remember your # of chips to bet.

This system has been my favorite since I started using it because you make money faster by doubling up plus one. The last time I went to the LIVE casino, I used $100 chips and never went past 7. The most important part of this system is to only stay for 20 spins (or less if you get nervous) or until you win after 20 spins (depending on where you are when you win).

Just make one stack of 20 chips and take a break. DO NOT GET GREEDY! You can always come back later and do it again. DO NOT TEMPT THE ODDS! Sooner or later weird stuff will happen. So get in, make your 20 chips and get out.

Go play some slots or LIVE blackjack and then come back and do it again.

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