Unlucky Numbers Roulette

I'm sure, like everyone else who has played LIVE Roulette before, you have tried your lucky number with the hope that it will hit and you will win 35 times the value of your bet. After all this is the most attractive payoff, isn't it? The chance that you will hit your lucky number is one out of 37 or 38, depending on whether the Roulette wheel has one or two zeros.

I'm also sure that you have been betting your lucky number for many successive spins, with the hope that it will eventually hit. Statistically it “should" hit once every 37 or 38 spins. If it hits within the first 38 spins you will make a profit, if it doesn’t hit until later you will lose, unless you use some kind of progression.

But how often have you hit your lucky number on your very first bet? Maybe one out of 100? How many times has your lucky number hit twice in a row, that is you picked a number, it came up right away, then picked another number and it came right away again? Very few, maybe once in a thousand times.

This could happen, you know. Maybe once a year, or once in 5 years or once in a blue moon. If I would tell you, I have a system, which works, and in order for this system to work, your lucky number will have to hit twice in a row, I will probably get stoned or bombarded with rotten tomatoes. Or I will get strong denials: "Neeh, this system will never work!" And you would be absolutely right!

But I have good news for you. For every system that doesn't work too well, there is a reverse strategy, which works much better. Even the Roulette gurus like Martingale, La Bouchere, d'Alembert, etc. had reverse strategies, for the times their strategy didn't work too well, or worked only sometimes or even worked most of the time.

You can be right to assume that if a strategy works sometimes, the reverse strategy will work more often. Or vice versa, if a strategy works pretty well but not all the time, the reverse strategy may also work well, but also not all the time.

This brings us to the good news. If the lucky number strategy described above never works, then its reverse strategy will always work; such as the one you are about to witness:

We are talking about the reverse Roulette strategy of hitting your lucky number twice in a row, and this means not hitting your lucky number twice in a row.

Yep, that's it. The system consists of not hitting your number twice in a row. What do you bet on then? Above, we have bet on only one number, your lucky number. Here we will bet on all other numbers, except your lucky number, the reverse of the above. You will bet on not more than 35 numbers. Otherwise, you won't make a profit.

So, pick a number and don’t bet on it (we will now call it your unlucky number). Bet on everything else, up to 35 numbers. Your unlucky number probably won't hit the first time, unless you are really unlucky...So you made one unit profit, assuming you are betting one unit on each of 35 numbers.

You keep doing this for quite a few spins, accumulating one unit at every spin. (What a joy, we are winning every spin of Roulette, instead of waiting forever for our lucky number to show up...). We know very well that statistically eventually your unlucky number will hit. As we said before, this can happen on average once every 38 spins, either sooner or later, hardly ever the very first time you bet, and very, very seldom (once a year maybe?) twice in a row. But when it does finally hit, you lose 35 units. Big deal!

Now it gets really exciting. Listen very carefully: Your next bet after you unlucky number hits, will also cover 35 numbers except your very unlucky number, but this time and only for this bet, you bet 35 units on every one of them. Yes, you heard me right, 35 units on 35 numbers. That makes 35 X 35 = 1225 units on the table. Does your unlucky number hit? Not twice in a row! Maybe once in a blue moon. Well then, you got your 35 units right back in one spin. Now, you can breathe again and go back to placing one chip on any 35 numbers except your unlucky number.

Now, let's look at statistics and probabilities of this reverse strategy. You need to run many millions of simulations to show what happens. Since you are gaining one unit per spin and you could lose 1225 units if your unlucky number shows up twice in a row, the event of this misfortune to happen should not occur for 1225 spins. Its probability of occurrence is exactly once every 1225 spins if the wheel had no zero. With one zero, this is cut in half. That means it could happen every 612 spins, sooner than 612 spins or later. How sooner or later no one can predict. Very soon, if you are playing against the devil or very late if the stars are on your side. For one thing, you can bet on it (it's all a gamble, isn't it) that it won't happen for 100 spins. There you go, at least you can get 100 units using this system. Then you quit, before the thunder hits you.

Your next question will be, which casino is going to wait for you to place chips on 35 numbers. If you are on an online LIVE casino, this is easy. You don't hit the spin button until you are ready. The repeat button is also convenient. You just change the location of one chip (remember you have to select a new unlucky number every time, as you must have seen same numbers showing up a lot on casino scoreboards...), and then hit repeat and spin again. Do not use this system on online casinos, where the wheel starts rotating as soon as you place one chip on the table.

In land-based casinos, you wouldn't be placing 35 chips on 35 numbers.

No one will wait for you. As you start distributing your chips, you will hear "no more bets" from the dealer and you won't have time to complete placing all your chips. Therefore, what you need to do is to cover 2 dozens (on the outside bets) with the value of 12 on each dozen and place individual chips only on the 12 minus 1 = 11 chips on the remaining numbers of the dozen you haven't covered. I would recommend always to cover the 0 as well, as some casinos have a tendency to aim to that number (it's a mystery how they do it, but it's not unlikely to see a 0 every 20-30 spins on the scoreboards). So if you are covering the 0, you need to not cover 2 numbers on the third dozen to constitute your 35 numbers in total.

For your next bet, select two other dozens to cover, and place your chips on 10 other numbers plus the zero. If you are playing American (double zero) roulette, you would cover both zeros and 9 numbers on the uncovered dozen.

Playing on an American wheel will reduce your chances of winning by another half. Therefore, it's best to find a French Roulette with single zero for this system to perform the best.

You will say, one must be crazy to risk 1225 units just to get the previously lost 35 units back in order to recover the one unit profit gain status. My experience has been playing this system for over 12,000 spins (yes, I'm a bit crazy), lost 1225 units 4 times (my unlucky numbers showed up twicein-a-row 4 times), profiting 12,000 - 4 - (4 X 1,225) = 11,996 - 4,900 = 7,096 units.

I know what you’re thinking, and you're right. One indeed would not play 12,000 spins in a real casino. But, it's very feasible on the Net. Many online casinos feature a repeat button and quick spin option. A spin would take 5 seconds. You still wouldn’t play 12,000 spins in one day but over a long period of time. It could take months. And since online games usually have a limit of 300 units per spin, you simply play the 1225 units in four steps, recovering 9 units at a time.

In land-based casinos one would place a single unit on 35 numbers and when the time comes to recover the lost 35 units, one would switch to a high limit table which allows large wagers, where one can bet 1225 units in a combination of outside bets and inside numbers. That is instead of placing 35 units each of 35 numbers, you would place 12 X 35 = 420 units on two of the dozens and cover 10 numbers of other dozen plus the zero (or nine numbers and both zeros if it’s a double zero wheel).

This is a system that can beat the casino in the long run, but play it only if you can afford the required bankroll.

Good Luck!

Izak Matatya

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