Prestige Baccarat Review
Playtech LIVE Dealer Game

Prestige Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Prestige Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Focused on expanding, Playtech released one of the best LIVE products and launched a new baccarat version in 2016 as part of its prestige game series. Prestige LIVE Baccarat and Prestige LIVE Roulette have been initiated within weeks of each other, and both provide players with excellent quality gameplay which enhances the LIVE dealer experience with more realistic visuals as well as dynamic play.

Prestige LIVE Baccarat Playtech Features

The Prestige Baccarat addition marked the start of a new gaming era that takes LIVE dealer games to a new level when it comes to product customisation, capability and performance. The game offer players winning hand replays and different viewing angles and the environment from which baccarat is streamed has been re-designed to feature tables fitted with Chinese symbols for luck.

This game provides mobile players to enjoy play in landscape mode and the HTML5 created roulette provides flawless play on all tablets and smartphones.

Key Benefits

Unique gameplay is offered via Playtech’s LIVE Prestige Baccarat that offers five dynamic camera views, and the experience available to baccarat players provides action replays of winning hands allowing players to get even closer to the action than currently offered at land-based casinos. Prestige Baccarat is staged in a new environment, custom designed with unique backdrops and the camera positions focus on the element of the game to reinforce the game value and offer players the best version of baccarat. Сroupier have been professionally trained and are hand-picked for their skills in baccarat and native languages depending on what players select.

Customer feedback and extensive sessions were combined to create the best possible Playtech LIVE Dealer experience.The game can be enjoyed at a wide selection of top online LIVE casinos and offers online players an entirely new level of authentic gaming enjoyment due to the gaming performance, personalisation options and product capability. 

Prestige LIVE Baccarat is offered from unique sets that are inspired by the popularity of the game in the Chinese community and can be enjoyed in multiple language options.


Playtech is known for its creative genius when it comes to game design, and its LIVE dealer baccarat is no exception. The Prestige Baccarat offers the addition of new camera angles and a re-engineered interface that will appeal to a broad audience of players as includes a variety of backgrounds that can be chosen and includes professionally trained dealers that are skilled in the execution of their duties as dealers.