Favorites Roulette System

All roulette players want to get in their hands numbers or chances which are hitting more often than others. Favorites roulette system is a method of detection and further playing these numbers.

Usually it's necessary to watch about 30 - 300 spins to find biased numbers. All know, that "dead" chances, which remain far behind, during more continuous game come to covering of the previous lack. Who plays the first and second" favorites", in the most unfavorable case will come to a draw. The given system is based on searching "favorites" of even chances and further game on these chances. For the purpose of revealing favorite chances, each hit number is wrote down in the following table three times: red - black, even - odd, small - large.

Red black even odd Small big

After 30 - 40 spins we select the chance from each group that was hit more than another.

There can be eight possible combinations: red/odd/small, rd/even/small, red/odd/big, red/even/big, black/odd/small, black/even/small, black/odd/big, and black/even/big. Each group can be corresponded with street and 6-line.

  • red/odd/small - 1-6, 7-9;
  • red/even/small - 10-15, 16-18;
  • red/odd/big - 19-24, 25-27;
  • red/even/big - 28-33, 34-36;
  • black/odd/small - 10-15, 16-18;
  • black/even/small - 4-9, 10-12;
  • black/odd/big - 28-33, 34-36;
  • black/even/big - 19-24, 25-27.

Then, after definition the most favorable group of the numbers, we use two interconnected systems. The first consists of a short progression on even chances, the second one begins a direct attack on nine numbers inside street and 6-line. The first progression is:

Red or black Even or odd Small or big 1248 1248 1248

Each loss, even partial calls to use the next bet. This game proceeds until the purpose + 70 units is reached, or the fourth bet has lost. In the latter case, the second progression comes in. It is necessary to remind that the monitoring of the favorites is conducted during all game. The second progression is played under the following scheme: 6-line Street 224612 11236

After each winning we come back to the beginning. If all five bets lose, the 5-th bet is put until the previous minus will be covered. The game capital approximately in 300 units is necessary.

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