The Most Advanced and Consistently Successful Roulette System, Ever!

Why do we gamble?

That is the age-old question! The action? The high? The ultimate greed? For each person it is completely different, but the truth is, it has been going on for centuries. In the end, the same basic results hold true. We all eventually lose. There are very few people who can honestly say that they are up on the casino, over a lifetime of play. Among those people, are the members of “Team Vegas”.

We all are aware that the odds are against us, but for some reason, much like in life itself, we don’t believe that it will happen to us. We believe that these odds don’t apply to us, and can be beaten, but in reality they apply to everyone, including you and I.

What are the odds and are they really stacked against us?

Well, from best to worst they are Roulette 1.47%, Craps 1.49% (Don’t Pass/Don’t Come), Pai Gow Poker 1.49%, Blackjack 1.75%, European Roulette (Single-Zero wheel) 2.7%, Sic-Bo 2.78%, Let-it-Ride Poker 3.51%, Caribbean Stud Poker 5.22% and American Roulette (Double-Zero wheel) 5.26%. Slot machines vary between 5.5% and as high as 14%. Keno is a whopping 18% for the house!! (Incidentally, if you play the ’progressive’ bets on either ’Let-it-Ride’ or ‘Caribbean Stud’, you increase the odds against you to near those of playing a slot machine!).

Simply put, these numbers represent the amount the casino earns, on every dollar you place on the table as a wager, using your starting bet to calculate. In other words, if you gambled for an hour and made a total of say 80 bets, at the end of the hour you would be down the approximate percentage of that game. For example, if a player knows the house edge in LIVE Dealer Baccarat is 1.47% he can assume that for every $10 of original wager he makes, he will lose 14.7 cents on the average. So if you were betting $20 per hand, over four hours, assuming there were 80 spins played per hour, you would be down $94.08 or 3.7 bets.

Is this the only reason we lose?

No. In fact, of all the possible reasons we lose, this one is the simplest to understand and the easiest to overcome! There are three basic reasons that people lose. The first is that the odds are stacked against us, as previously described. The second is a lack of discipline. The third and most important is poor money management skills.

First, the odds are the odds

In the long run, the house will almost always win, which is why they like you to play as many hours as possible. However, in the case of short-term trends, the odds become very close to even and with a good betting strategy and a little knowledge, it’s possible to move the odds to the side of the player. An example of this would be a heads or tails toss of a coin. In a million tosses, it would probably end up 500,000 heads - 500,000 tails, but in a short-term sequence you could see up to twenty heads or twenty tails in a row. Therefore during this short-term trend, you could capitalize on the ’streak’ and end up winning, thereby overcoming the casino’s long-term percentage advantage.

The second problem in gambling - lack of discipline.

What this means is that most people don’t play with any kind of strategic plan. They play hunches, or if they do in fact begin with an actual plan, as soon as things start to go bad, they quickly switch to another plan, instead of sticking to the original strategy, out of fear.

Of the many students we have taught our unique method to, it is only a very few who don’t succeed, EVERY single time they play. There are only a few things that can lead to failure after learning this system. The first is not following the plan EXACTLY, either because of a loss of faith or a mistaken belief that the strategy requires some CHANGES to make it better. And, occasionally, people just go on ’tilt’.

We cannot emphasize enough, the importance of following the strategy, to the letter!

The third and final problem is probably the most important…

Proper Money Management AND knowing when to quit

People are generally poor money managers in their daily lives. Between checkbooks that don’t balance, overdrawn bank accounts and credit cards that are ‘maxed-out’, most people’s financial affairs are a mess.

So how could these very same people possibly be expected to manage their cash properly, when they are in a place like Las Vegas for a weekend and have only a limited amount of time to play? When they encounter a losing cycle, most people try to recover by chasing their losing bets with ‘desperation’ bets. This departure from the practice of proper money management tends to eat up a bankroll very quickly, leaving the gambler shaking his head and kicking himself for his obvious mistakes.

The truth is, this methodology usually ends up in disaster, which is how the average casino manages to earn a net profit of over 20% instead of 2 - 3%, which is where it should be, based on the table odds. It’s a combination of not fully understanding HOW to play, WHEN to play, how to BET properly, how to MANAGE money and when to QUIT that creates the HUGE advantage the casinos enjoy, year after year.

This advantage allows them to build larger, more extravagant facilities and to provide the complimentary services (comps), such as free rooms, flights, food, shows, etc. for their most valued clients (those holding Player cards which, in our opinion, were designed for losers!).

What can I expect to learn from this course?

This course will teach you the very things we just mentioned. The ‘PowerPlay’® Roulette system was developed as result of the most comprehensive study of the game, since it’s invention!

‘‘PowerrPllay’’® Casino Strategies will take you from A to Z in an easy to learn, simple to implement ‘wager-management’ system that will allow you to take advantage of short-term trends, essentially doubling your session bankroll every 12 to 14 hours of play. It will also help you learn when to bet, when not to bet, how much to bet, when to walk away and when to increase your minimum unit value, based on your bankroll.

In other words we are going to turn you into a calculated percentage player, who understands the limits of both negative and positive results. The kind of player the casinos don’t like to see, too often. In fact, by the time you’ve acquired the skills taught in this program, you will be the type of player they don’t even like to comp. However, with our ‘‘Cassiino Awarenessss’’ strategies, you will have the LIVE casino hosts willing to give you whatever you want, whenever you want, just to get your action!

We can assure you that the main reason the authors of this manuscript continue to remain anonymous is because we play, using the VERY SAME strategies we are about to teach you and we earn a minimum of $10,000, each and every day. We usually don’t play for more than four or five hours at a time and we never get barred from any casinos.

If the casinos knew who we were and that we were sharing this information with anyone, we would not be allowed to play anywhere in the world.

Only a fraction of our income is from system sales, so we would not want to jeopardize our livelihood (casino gambling), in any way. In addition, we value our lives and believe me; most casinos view anyone who can consistently remove money from the house to be a threat. They would assume we were cheating and cheats are not tolerated. We would be viewed as crooks and thieves and treated as such. That’s the very reason we do not share any information while we are playing, nor do we romance in any way, our system of winning, while seated at the table… PERIOD! Neither should you.

What to Expect

It is important to understand firstly that this roulette system needs to be practiced thoroughly prior to visiting the casino. It is imperative that it is followed exactly to the letter, as the bets and the sequences are exact, and any variance from these instructions could create a long-term negative result.

Also it is important to understand that during the course of certain spin sequences, it is possible that a negative cycle will occur. Understand that this is very normal, and usually the result of a difference in dealer signature or irregular spins session. They key is not to “panic” This course is designed to make you a calculated, percentage Player that understands the limits of both positive and negative results. At the end of the day, the object is to have more positive than negative results.

This Level 1 system over the course of some 300,000 spins in both live play and Roulette results books, and has demonstrated a 91.5% win verses 8.5% losses. The average win was 91units, while the average loss was -200 units per session.

If the session contains 60 spins, so if you do the division the results are based on 300,000/60 = 5000 sessions. So using the results that were reported, the following would be the nets:

5000 sessions x 91.5%= 4575 winning sessions @ 74 units= +338,550 units.

On the negative side 5000 x 8.5%= 388.8 losing sessions x 200 units= 77,775 units 338,550-77,775= 260,775 units/5000= +52.15 units per session including losing sessions!!

This number is basically derived from sessions one after the other, but with the entrance and exit rules specified in the course, the numbers could change dramatically. Often you will have exited the session before a bad session occurs.

However it can work in the opposite…you could sit down to a bad session right off the bat, but eventually you will exit at a positive for the session.

The number above merely reflects the averages on a large number of spins and sessions.

Poor Spin Sequences:

It is vitally important to understand that the money management and betting methodology is designed around both properly (random) and improperly (non-random) spun sessions. What creates the “streaky” nature of sessions are basically two things;

  1. The laws of unequal distribution, which occurs less than 5% of the time, but still, must be taken into account.
  2. The dealer being a little lazy causes unequal spin sequences.

Nine times out of ten you will find that poorly spun sessions create a negative result at the end of the session. So there are times when you might have a -200 at the end of a segment. This system is designed to take this into account, without creating any unnecessary risks for the Player.

With a very aggressive progression, you could theoretically virtually eliminate any losing sessions, to only a couple instead of 388 in the previous example, but the resulting few losing sessions would create huge losses, that over the course of the same 5000 sessions would bring the averages down to less than 10 units per session.

So, the secret to a sound system is the overcome the house advantage (5.25%American) (2.65% Eruo), plus creates the ability to manage your way in and out of “poor spin sequences”. Powerplay Roulette accomplishes this in a very efficient manner.

Now before we get started lets talk about some factors outside of the bet selection and money management issues, which carry equal importance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Casino Play

It is equally important to understand the advantages that both the casino and the percentage Player posses, in order to fully understand Powerplay Roulette.

The Casino

Firstly lets talk about the casino. The casino itself is a very intimidating place. The bells the whistles, the sound of money pouring from the slot machines are all there for a purpose, to take you attention away from what you are doing. These are some of the ways that the casino has the edge.

Other advantages that the casino has are:

  1. The casino has an unlimited amount of money. Whatever you bet, technically they have to match the bet. Always. They don’t have a choice. The only choice they have is when the cut off point is (house maximum). This number is carefully calculated; otherwise people with large Bankrolls would always win. They can’t however tell you how much to bet, just what the most you can bet n any one single hand.
  2. The game has a built in house advantage This has and will be discussed at length, however it is only an advantage over the long term, and not in the short term. During any short-term trend, anything is possible, but with the built in advantage, the house will win more short-term trends than it loses.
  3. The house makes you play in their currency. I know this probably sounds strange to you, but this is a HUGE advantage. Let me ask you this “when do you spend more when you use cash or credit card?” Obviously it’s when you are using a credit card, because you have taken the “reality” away from the money. This is what casinos do with the conversion of your money to chips is take the reality away. How many times have you seen some idiot spreading chips all over a Roulette table? He wins a huge stack, and then within minutes it’s all gone. Had that have been cash, I can guarantee you it would have been easier to manage it. Don’t under estimate this disadvantage…it is a HUGE one.
  4. Casinos are always open 24 hours a day. Casinos are in no hurry to win your money. In fact they know that in order to beat you, it’s going to take some time. That’s why when you are “comp’d” it’s usually based on you having to stay and play for at least four hours a day. You see that’s one of the ways that it can beat you is they have to “control” your time a table. You can decide when you want to stay and when you want to go, but with “comps” that decision is taken from you, one of your weapons for success!!
  5. Casinos provide you with free things. Make no mistake about it; everything a casino does is for the casinos benefit and not yours. For example, do you think getting “free” cocktails is really a benefit to the Player? Again, the casino has no control over our decision-making, but with liquor, the process becomes distorted and a loss of reality happens. Think back to the days, and in some cases this still happens when women were hired to sit a Roulette table and play with the casinos money in order to “attract” new, well-healed Players. It’s also no mistake that some of the best- looking waitresses work in the pit area, and not the bar. Again the casino is trying to distract you away from making smart decisions, and managing your money.
  6. The casinos can decide when they don’t want your business anymore. If we happen to win a little more often than we should the casino can decide that we are not welcome anymore and there is nothing we can do about it. You see it’s not how much you win at the tables; it’s how often you win. If you are winning more regularly than you should the first thing the casino will do is take your comps away. Then they will make you switch games, and is that doesn’t work they will get rid of you.

So as you can see, there are more than a couple of things working against us here. It’s important that before you even learn the betting strategy and money management of Powerplay Roulette that you need to address those previous disadvantages, and either eliminate them or understand them, and learn to work around them.

The following are advantages that the Player has in the casino:

  1. The Player controls the time he/she spends at one sitting before exiting the game. What I mean by this is that one of the inherent problems and/or benefits of the game of Roulette is the there is a start and end to a session, and for the most part they always balance themselves off either at the beginning or the end of the session. A lot of times a Player will either lose all of his/her money if the beginning of the session was particularly poor, and not have nay money left for the end of the session, or vice versa. Powerplay Roulette only stays in a session for an average of 38 spins, thereby bypassing the potential of either scenario happening. You will learn right time to leave the session, and ultimately the session, thereby eliminating the casino time advantage.
  2. The Player can decide how much to bet, on any one hand or not to bet at all. By varying the size of the bet, combined with certain start and stop mechanisms, we again can overcome both the house advantage, and the time advantage that the casino has. Powerplay controls this through pre-determined strategies, based on each individual result. This is no different than having draw rules for the casino in both Roulette and Blackjack.
  3. The Player controls how much alcohol they consume. Under the rules of Powerplay, ALL consumption of Alcohol is to take place only during a session break (a period of three sessions or 2 ½ hours) but ceases a minimum of one hour prior to the commencement of further play. In this way the Player always maintains a sharp focus. Let me ask you something. Do they let the dealers and pit bosses drink while they are on the job? Of course not. They don’t want any mistakes…and either do we. It is vitally important though that ONLY bottled water is drank while playing. In this way you are always properly hydrated.
  4. The Player controls where they place their bets. What I mean by this is that the Player can place his/her bet on whatever bet he/she wants at whatever time he she desires. We can bet on the Bank or the Player, or Black or Red or any of the numbers, in the case of Roulette. Now how is this an advantage? Certain short-term trend creates huge advantages for the Player. The Casino cannot and in most cases won’t stop you from making any bet you want on whatever you want as long as it’s within the house limits. In the strategy of Powerplay, you will see how this becomes a huge advantage for the Player.

So, in conclusion it is important to understand the Casino strengths as well as the strengths for the Player, and concentrate on the things that you CAN control, and not to allow the things that you CAN’T control. To intimidate or distract you in any way.

Powerplay Roulette Static Number Method

The Theory

Powerplay Roulette was created as a result of the study of over $200,000 live spins on a REAL wheel in a REAL casino. What you are about to learn, no doubt you will not believe could possibly work.

The theory is based on the fact that the number 6 is the best working numbers of number to have working at any one time. In studying literally thousands of spin sequence charts, and playing many hundreds of hours, this team came across an interesting conclusion.

Over 300 wheels were evaluated, and during this process of recording spin after spin on both the Euro and the American wheels, we created a system that is completely unbeatable in the long run, and in most cases 91%, the short run.

We all know that the casinos are no dummies when it comes to setting their min max levels on both the inside and the outside numbers. They do this for a reason. Mathematically they have calculated that a bet on a single inside number cannot be greater than x, assuming that the number hits on average 1/38 spins in 00 and 1/37 spins in 0.

What the mathematicians discovered was that a single number has a minimum of 1:1 and a real maximum of 1:200. It is with this in mind that the casinos set their levels.

Realistically the range for an even bet is 1:1 to a maximum of 1:30. It is from here that the ranges were set. However what they DID NOT ACCOUNT for was the discovery that we made in 1999.

When a number fails to hit in a large amount of spins, it is said to be “sleeping”. That is why betting on a SINGLE number is not a good idea, with or without a progression.

What is also important to understand is that while one or even more than one number may be asleep for a long time, all of the others are not. In fact what we found was that the perfect number of numbers was 6. So while one number may be sleeping the other 5 are picking up the slack.

It was that while individual numbers operated on this premise there was a group of six numbers TOGETHER as a GROUP that did not.

What this meant was that with this bias, however slight, when coupled with a slow progression, we were able to with stand up to 90 losses in a row on a six number bet…. Even though we never came close to losing that many spins, we still concurred that IF that were to happen, that it would take 11 hours of play to get it back, assuming we quit and started over. Now thankfully for you, you will never have to experience this because, there is an exit and a “restart” process before you even get close to that.

The lure of Roulette has always been the ability to place 1 bet and get 35:1 on your money if it happens. Unlike Blackjack and Baccarat, Roulette allows for huge wins, but regretfully losses too.

So it is vitally important that you as a player stay within the guidelines set forth the in the Powerplay Method, and do not deviate one bit. We have taken all off the guesswork out of the system, so all you have to do is place your bet, relax and watch the wheel, write a W or L in the columns provided on the score sheet, do some minor calculations, and place another bet.

Once you hit your win plateau, you lock in your profit, and have fun seeing how much you will make for that session. That’s all there is to it.

System Instructions

On the scorecard provided you are going to begin the process of keep score. You will always be betting on the same six numbers so really, it becomes the amount you bet, and when you leave the spins sequence that you need to be concerned about.

For the most part you will only be making a 1 unit bet on each the six numbers. We prefer that you play the Euro wheel, but if you don’t have one the American wheel will suffice. It does use a slightly different set of numbers.

The numbers for 0 Roulette are: 7, 11, 19, 20, 25, 28.

The numbers for 00 Roulette are: 7, 11, 15, 19, 25, 30

I will tell you that we have had many students that commented that they ran our method with their favorite 6 number combinations and it worked as well.

We would prefer however, that you use the numbers specified, as they consistently have shown a strong ability to repeat.

Once you have played this method a few times the number will be easy to remember. The following is the betting structure.

Firstly, you will be playing segments and sessions. A segment is +30 and a session is +60. Both have cycle out rules.

Restart and Reset

During the course of play you will be using both Restart and Reset.

Restarting occurs after your segment Win plateau is reached and then you eventually lose a spin. A Restart means that you reset your running total to 0, your spin sequence chart to 1, and your unit value to 1. You are also waiting for a winning number to hit before you start betting again. A Reset occurs when you go from a – running total to a +, or after a win, even if you are in a + running total. A reset means that you keep playing and don’t wait for a winning number, but you reset your unit value and your spin sequence to 1.

  1. The first thing that you will do is that when you sit down, you do not place a bet until one of the numbers hits. The only exception to this is if it is on the board as the number just spun or within the last 6 numbers.
  2. Place a one unit bet on each of the six numbers. In the spin number column record the spin number in the sequence (1-80). In the number column mark an X when a losing number hits and when a winning number hits write that number in the black or red column. In the Win/Loss column on the score sheet, record an L for loss or a W for win. In the next column record the bet amount (1x6=6 units) In the running totals column record the current running total as each spin is recorded. This will either be a + or a -.
  3. While ever you are in a + running total position your bet is always 1 unit. As soon as you have a – running total, you must adhere strictly to the following chart (fig B). The spin #’s are inclusive from the last winning spin, even though you would be in a + postion for a few spins and then a – minus position, once you hit the minus you count the spins from the last winning decision.

Example 1:

PowerPlay 2002 Roulette System. Example 1

Example 2:

PowerPlay 2002 Roulette System. Example 2 part 1

PowerPlay 2002 Roulette System. Example 2 part 2

Spin Sequence Chart (FIG.B)

PowerPlay 2002 Spin Sequence Chart

Example 3:

PowerPlay 2002 Roulette System. Example 3

  1. Whenever you are in a losing sequence and a win finally occurs, if you are still at a – you continue the progression unless the following occurs. If you are in spins 1-30 and the win occurs and your running total is –10 or less you reset the spin sequence to 1 and the unit value to 1. If you are in spins 31-40 and the win occurs and your running total is –30 or less you reset the spin sequence to 1 and the unit value to 1. If you are in spins 41-50 and the win occurs and your running total is –40 or less you reset the spin sequence to 1 and the unit value to 1.
  2. So, in short, whenever your running total becomes negative you continue up the progression and spin sequence chart The progression and spin sequence starts from the last win which created a + running total. The only exception to this is if you start a spin sequence and YOU DO NOT HIT a winning number for 26 straight spins, then you must STOP and restart, when a winning number finally hits, keeping your running total.
  3. Another example would be lets say you sat down at the table won the first spin then lost the next 7 spins and then won. You would be have bet 42 units and won 36 back for a net of –6 from +30= +24. At this point you would go into reset mode. This where you reset the spin sequence to #1 and the unit value to 1 unit. Now lets assume that it was another 25 spins before you won again. So you would have lost 6 units per spin for 19 spins and 9 units per spin for another 6 spins. So your total lost units would be (19x 6) + (9x6) + (10 x 1 spin)=-178+72 (units won on the 26th spin+ 24 (running total before the progression spin #2)= -82. At this point you would continue with the chart as you have not yet cleared the -. You win on the 28th spin so your total units would be a 12 units lost on the 27th spin and 10 units on the 28th spin. But your win +72-24 units = +48+-82= -34. Because you are still higher than –30 you continue through the progression. You win on the 31st spin. +108-42= +66+-34= +32. You are now at the segment plateau of +30 or greater, so you play one more spin at 1 unit on each number. It loses so you are net +32-6=+26

Win Plateaus

Setting realistic win plateaus are of Paramount importance, when playing any system. You need a realistic exit strategy, in order to lock in you profit.

At any one time in every casino in the world most people are ahead. So why do less than 4% leave winners? Because they do not know when to quit.

The interesting thing about Powerplay Roulette is that is really doesn’t matter how long you play it for, eventually you will leave WINNER.

We have two exit points established. The first is +30. Once this is hit, you immediately lock in that profit, and allow for one more loss before going into restart. Once you lose you restart your unit and spin sequence at 1.

The Session exit point is +60 or 2 segments, whichever comes first. For example, lets say you hit +30, but after the next loss you end up at +42 for segment 1. Then your exit point on segment 2 is +18. If you are at +24 after segment 1, after the loss, then your goal is +30 in segment 2.

What we have found is that for the most part after you reach +60 you end up churning a lot of money for not a whole lot more profit. So the exit point is +60 or 2 winning segment. What this means is that when you hit +60 gross (which could be in as little as 2 spins) you start the process of cycling out.

What you will do is reduce you betting unit to .5 units per number. So if you are playing $1 chips, you reduce to .50. If you are playing $5.00 chips you reduce to $2.00 chips, and if you are playing $25.00 chips you reduce to $10.00 units. You will play this unit value until you incur 6 consecutive losses, and then you exit. So in essence the WORST you can end up once you hit +60 is +42.

In MOST cases you will hit +60 in less than 60 spins. In 50% of the cases it will be less than 30 spins, and 10% will be less than 10 spins.

In 10% of the cases it will be 100 spins or greater.

Personally the way I play is that I don’t play past 60 spins. If I am not at +60 by then, if I am at a +, I will either cycle out, or if the units that I am up is less then +10 I will just reduce my bets and leave after the next loss.

There are times when you will sit there for a while seemingly at a – balance and just tread water, but remember all it takes is couple of wins in a row and you are +40 or +50.

Loss Plateaus

Equally as important as win Plateaus are loss Plateaus. In the case of Powerplay roulette you have a couple of choices. You can play to as soon as you have a running total AFTER a win of –150 or greater, and then you just restart at spin sequence 1 with 1 unit, and play your way back to +60. I know –150 seems like a lot of units to lose, but this system is so powerful that to recoup the –150 takes 2 or 3 sessions of ½ hour to an hour each.

There will be times when your running total in a segment gets to –164. Keep playing until you have gone through –200, then restart and reset.

Another more aggressive approach is to play to –200 and then restart at double units. So a win is +60. A few of those recoup the –200 very fast.

Again MOST times you will have a session that lasts 15 minutes to an hour. You will average 1.3 units per spin. That includes winning and losing sessions.

The key in Roulette is PATIENCE. Because you are only wagering on 6 numbers you will spend a lot of time either “waiting” for a winning number to enter the sequence, or you will lose a lot of bets, before a winning won occurs. It is truly amazing how quickly you get to +30 and +60 though, seemingly from a long string of losses…be Patient.

Also you don’t want to play more than 3 sessions per day. What we found with our research is that every couple of days there is a –200 out there. Play for the least amount of time possible. This method generates on average +1.39 units per spin. So to win 60 you are going to play on average about 43-60 spins per session. That is about an hour to an hour and a half.

So my suggestion to you is that you play 1-2 sessions per day maximum.

Bankroll Requirements

This method is broken down into two bankrolls:

  1. Your Stake or Lifetime Bankroll
  2. Your Daily or Session Bankroll

Your Lifetime stake should start at 500 units. Every time your Lifetime stake triples in size you double your unit value. It should take approximately 20-30 sessions to triple your bankroll. DO NOT step up your unit value until your Lifetime Stake is tripled each time.

My advice to you is to start at the $.50 tables with $1.00 units. You are only betting on the six chosen numbers flat for most of the time, As your bankroll increases you can move up to the $5.00 tables. The key is to get to the $25.00 tables as soon as you can.

Realistically starting at $1.00 units it will take you about 100 sessions of play before you will be playing for $25.00 chips. Assuming each session is 45 minutes, which converts into 60- 100 hours of play.

Also you should maximize your unit value at $25.00 units. Any larger unit will create a lot of problems for you at the casino you are playing at.

You will have far too many eyes on you, and you will risk being barred (which happened to me many times before I figured it out).

Also never win more than $9,900 at one session before cashing out. The IRS is notified of any wins of $10,000 or more.

Playing with $25 units to +50 per session will generate between $1000 and $2,000 a day net for about 1-2 hours work I highly suggest that you use the following rules to start playing.

  1. You must have at least 500 units to play, preferably 1000.
  2. Your Session Bankroll should be at least 300 units.
  3. Your buy in should ALWAYS be your Session Bankroll.
  4. Buy in at the 200 chips inside, and get the rest in outside chips
  5. Always play using the entrance and exit strategies.
  6. You will average 30-50 units per session, and should start at $.50 units if the table limit is low enough. Otherwise you should be able to find a $1.00 table. If you are playing a $1.00 table the cycle out would be a $1.00 chip on the 7,8,10,11 corner, and 1 chip on the 19,20 split, and 1 chip on the 25, 28 split.
  7. Play a maximum of 2 sessions to +60 each daily.
  8. Once you have accumulated a running total of 1500 units including the 500 you started with you may double your starting bet from $1.00 units to $2.00 units.
  9. Every time you win another 1000 units you may double your minimum bet. It should on average take between 20 and 30 hours of play to move up one level.
  10. So in 20 hours you are at $2.00 50 hours at $5.00 chips, 70 hours you are at $10.00 chips and 100 hours you will be at $25.00 chips. At this point you will be making $500.00 to $2500.00 per session.

Final Thoughts

You can never have too much bankroll. One of the mistakes people make is that they are always trying to win a lot of money with a small bankroll. In actuality this is reversed.

I will give you an example. If I gave you $100 bankroll and said to you “go play and as soon as you are $10.00 ahead quit for the day”, what would you say? You would say forget it. It’s not enough money.

“But if I gave you $10,000 and said go play, and when you are up $1000.00 leave for the day leave”, what would you say? I sense the answer would be different.

The reality is that it CAN’T be different. It must be consistent, otherwise ultimately you will lose. This is one of the weaknesses in most players.

They are trying to amass a large win with a small bankroll.

Physiologically, it is easier to make the bets when you have the chips in front of you. When you are starting with 500-600 units, we are building the bankroll at rate of 10% per session.

If you continually build from PROFITS, a step at a time, you will find your long-term success is assured.

In the beginning, as you are building your bankroll, winning $60.00 may not exactly thrill you. But remember this is a short-term situation. Within 10-20 sessions will be winning $100.00 to $200.00 per session.

100 sessions (which is only a few days), and you will be winning $500.00 to $1000.00 a day. Is that worth it? I would think so.

So take your time and build, build, build…

Patience is a virtue.

Good Luck…. not that you will need it!!


Pocket Spin Sequence Chart

Spin Sequence Chart

PowerPlay 2002 Spin Sequence Chart - Mr Vegas

Tutorial #1

PowerPlay 2002 Roulette System. Tutorial 1 part 1

PowerPlay 2002 Roulette System. Tutorial 1 part 2

Tutorial #2

PowerPlay 2002 Roulette System. Tutorial 2 part 1

PowerPlay 2002 Roulette System. Tutorial 2 part 2

Pocket Spin Sequence Chart

PowerPlay 2002 Pocket Spin Sequence Chart

Score sheet:

Spin #




Units Bet

Running Total

Session Total


























































































































































































































































































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